Our Shop
Guirri's brothers, Marco and Bruno, embarked on a new journey with the opening of their new shop "Negose di Guiri"

"Negose di Guiri" offers a wide range of food products: high quality and typical products from local farms and everyday food also. Fruits and vegetables, bread, dairy food, cold cuts, wines, different kind of flour and cereal.

The peculiarity of the shop is the high quality of the products: organic food, food from the local farms "0 kilometers" that means it comes from the near Valleys and it's sustainably-raised food. Since the products come from the neighborhoods, it's possible to economize fuel consumption for the transport and so to reduce air pollution.

"Negose di Guiri" do offer fresh and healthy food by taking daily products directly from the producer to the consumer. It's very important to discover all the typical products and to learn to eat good and natural; to eat fresh food in season and what nature can offer us.

Come and visit us at "Negose di Guiri", in viale Vittorio Veneto (right in front of the High School) in San Pellegrino Terme village!

You will find great delicacies, gastronomic delights as in an old grocery shop!