Negose di Guiri

Viale Vittorio Veneto,
24016 -San Pellegrino Terme (BG) - Italy
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"Negose di Guiri" is situated in the centre of San Pellegrino Terme village, a popular spa resort with its precious water source.

San Pellegrino Terme is only 25 km far from Bergamo and 70 km far from Milan. It's in a beautiful location, overlooking Brembo river, in Brembana Valley (350 mt high).

It's a lively country town that can boast an unchanged landscape in spite of the industrialization of the last centuries; a place where visitors can relax and join the feeling of well- being.

Considered for centuries as the "Brembo's Pearl", the village is a little treat on the Brembo river; it can boast architectural jewels such as the Casino and the Grand Hotel, beautiful exemplars of the Liberty Style in Italy.

San Pellegrino Terme can also boast a stunning natural heritage since it's surrounded by Orobie Prealps and close to the most popular ski resorts in Brembana Valley, such as Foppolo.

San Pellegrino Terme is ready to live the splendor of the beginning of the last century again thanks to the new projects that involve all the main Liberty buildings such as the Casino and the Grand Hotel.

In November 2009 it will start the building of the new thermal centre, designed by the popular French architect Perrault, a real contemporary architectural masterpiece.
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